Spring Into Leadership Certificate Series

MHPCA Leadership Series: Why I chose training at the state level rather than one at the national level?

Hello to all Administrators out there!  The Leadership Certificate Training Series offered this year by MHPCA has powerhouse presenters who are familiar with the challenges of operating a hospice in the current climate of COVID 19.  The past couple of years lead me to the decision of sending my nurses to this program.  The cost is budget friendly; I can reward my clinicians through education and expand their hospice knowledge, which will lead me to retain them.  It was a win, win for me and my organization.  Education at the national level does not get into the weeds, so to speak, with what is happening at the state level. Education leads to empowerment, and I love that we have it here, in Missouri.  I encourage you all to register your upcoming and current leaders today for this amazing program!

President Ketti Dawson