Midwest Regional Conference


Due to COVID-19 the physical conference in St. Louis has been cancelled.

2020 Conference Sponsors and Exhibitors

Digital Platform Program

2020 Sponsors

1) Will be displayed on virtual program sent to all attendees.

2) Will have logo displayed on the main landing page for conference that will be a live link to your website.

3) Will have logo and company information displayed on the MHPCA website.

Specific Opportunities

Virtual Picture Contest – $1,000

Exhibitor Word Hunt Contest – $1,000

Palliative Care Pre-Conf. Speaker – $1,500

DHSS Pre-Conf. Speaker(s) – $1,500

Keynote Speaker – $1,500

Header Sponsor for Conference Landing page and top banner ad in the MHPCA Weekly E-Newsletter for the entire period the conference takes place Oct 1- Nov 20 – $5,000

2020 Exhibitors

The Midwest Regional Conference will be virtual this year!

You will have new opportunities for you to wow attendees.  Below is a list of some of the opportunities you will receive.

 See Exhibit Application for Pricing

1)  Sponsorship of a concurrent session.  Pick one you want out of twelve!

2) One digital booth in our amazing digital exhibit hall – have ability to digitally track attendees for giveaway booth prize to those visit booths.

3) Option to have a per-recorded promotional video for attendees to watch once clicked.

4).  You have the opportunity for live chat on in your exhibit space.

5)  Our conference will run from October 1 – November 20th, 2020 and our hall will be open for attendees to visit.  Plenty of time for you to make connections.

6) All exhibitors will participate in a word hunt contest to complete a sentence regarding hospice.  Attendees will receive a digital cookie for completing the sentence correctly and will be entered in the drawing for a $300 visa prepaid gift card. Words will be hidden in the exhibitor’s booth space.  You get to decide where you hide your word based on what you are offering in your booth.

7) Exhibitors will receive visitor analytics of attendee visit post conference, including, and not limited to, names and emails with attendee approval.

8) Exhibitors will be recognized in the MHPCA E-Newsletter October 1 – November 20th, 2020.  Newsletter is sent out weekly.

Deadline for Exhibit Application – MHPCA Office August 31, 2020

Click here to download the exhibitor application.