Stories of Great Hospice Care

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of Hospice Care

My Grandmother is 91 years old. She is very set in her ways and is still able to stay in her home because of hospice care. Grandma has had several health problems over the years including heart disease and diabetes as well as a recent diagnosis of renal failure with only 20% kidney function. She has refused dialysis. Her greatest qualities include her “stubbornness” and wanting to maintain control. A week before Christmas 2011, Grandma called me and was crying.  She stated, “I am in so much pain that I just wish I could go ahead and go.” She was having pain which she rates at 10/10 in her leg and feet due to nephropathy from her diabetes. She was constantly nauseated due to the pain and did not want to take “pain pills” as she felt they caused further nausea. She stated she did not want and would not go to the hospital for treatment. We had discussed hospice in the past as she qualified for hospice care, but she did not want to “give up” and would not agree to hospice. I talked with her again about what hospice could do for her. I explained hospice is not “giving up”, it is choosing a different kind of medical care.  She did agree with signing up for hospice a few days before Christmas. The hospice nurse came in and reviewed her medications, history etc. She immediately called the hospice physician and they developed a plan to ease her pain and discomfort. Grandma always has the entire family (approx 75 people) come by her house on Christmas Eve. Prior to hospice she had said she did not want to see anyone on Christmas Eve because she felt so badly. However, with the help and resources of Tri County Hospice Services her pain, nausea and vomiting was under control by Christmas Eve and she was able to see all of her family, some of whom she only sees one time a year. Since this was probably her last Christmas, this was very important for her and her family. Without the care of hospice, this would not have been possible. All I could ask you to do to improve the services of Tri County Hospice is to “Clone the nurses, aides, and staff so that every patient would receive the caring, compassionate care they gave to my mom. Every member of the Tri County Hospice staff was wonderful, I could never ask for better care. I will truly recommend your services.

Thank you for your care and concern for my husband and for your understanding of my needs also. You were so knowledgeable of each step and let my daughter and I know what to expect and how to help my husband in his final moments. You touched our hearts.

My family joins me in thank you all of you for the help and encouragement you provided to my husband and family during the weeks you were with us. Every staff member was very helpful and kind.

Thank you for being so helpful to me and to our family during this difficult time. You are truly a phenomenal group of extremely dedicated caregivers.


of Hospice Care

Dear hospice angels, I sincerely thank you for the loving care you gave my husband and for your concern for me. I know I resisted Ron leaving my care for five days but you knew how badly I needed the respite. It gave me time to get much needed rest. A special thank you to Monique who patiently and gently bathed Ron and gave him a wonderful shave. I know it gave him so much relief from an itchy beard. Thank you Deneen for you helping me realized I couldn’t do it all by myself and I needed a break. Nicole, thank you for spending extra time with me and my daughter. You were so patient with all of our questions and your answers were so easy to understand. Between you and Deneen, I was prepared for the final stages. May God bless you all and keep you safe.

Thank you for all of the information provided beforehand. You were so helpful.  Thank you for understanding my need for her enc care and for your great care of mom.

I am grateful for all the help and aid I received from the hospice staff. I’d have been lost without you. May God bless each and every one of you.

Thanks so much for the care you gave by husband. He was under our care a week exactly. The nurse was so kind and loving when he passed away.

Sincere and warmest thanks for your thoughtfulness and for sharing your expertise in helping us for Bob in such a way that his dignity remained intact.

Thank you for the care you gave our mother over the last several weeks. Your care and compassion truly meant the world to us.


of Hospice Care

Words cannot describe how thankful we are to all of you, who helped us through the final days of our son’s illness. Thank goodness, we were led to your organization and the kind, helpful and thoughtful people that make up your staff. We had no idea the severity or extent of Will’s illness. Will’s nurse, Deneen and your booklets gave us insight into what to expect and how to handle each development as it occurred. We feel so blessed that we were able to love and care for him at home. We will always be grateful for the deep concern and sympathy shown our family shown by Deneen on the day of his passing and to the social worker for her help preparing us for his final day. We know of no other way of showing our gratitude other than adding BJC Hospice to our yearly donation list. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Thank you so much for the services and support provided during my mother’s transition. This was my first time going through the process and you and your team have been wonderful. May God bless each one of you to continue to support other families in need.

Please accept my thank you to your wonderful staff who helped care for my father as he was slowly easing his way through the ending of his live. Thank you so much for your personal support of me during a difficult time.

Thank you for the way you cared for Mom during the past year at the nursing home. It was a joy for me to meet many of you and to see firsthand your compassionate care for her. I am so glad you were able to share the sweetness of her spirit.