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Provider Member

Provider Members shall be any organization licensed by their state or certified by Medicare to provide hospice care. Membership is based on Medicare Provider #. Each provider number must be separate membership. Full voting rights.

Number of patients served (per 2013 per DHSS Hospice Statistical Report):

NOTE annual minimum dues $420 and annual maximum dues $5,500

Palliative Care Membership

Shall be a provider of Palliative Care that is not a hospice program provider. Full Voting Member.

Annual Dues $450

Associate Member

Associate Member shall be any association or institution which is not eligible for membership as a Provider Member but which supports the purpose of MHPCA (This could be any organization which is developing a hospice program or an association or a vendor.) Non-voting member.

Annual Dues $400

Individual Member - Hospice or Palliative Care Affiliated

Annual Dues $150

Individual Member - Non Hospice or Palliative Care Affiliated

Annual Dues $100


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